Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tutorial: Vane Pump Modeling in FLUENT

This tutorial illustrates how to setup and run a vane pump analysis in FLUENT 6.3.This tutorial demonstrates how to do the following:
  • Create an initial mesh
  • Set up a problem for a dynamic mesh
  • Specify the motion of dynamic zones using a compiled user-de fined function- UDF
  • Preview the dynamic mesh before starting the calculation
  • Perform transient dynamic mesh calculation
  • Post-process the resulting data
This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the FLUENT interface. Some of he basic steps in the setup and solution procedures will not the basic steps in the setup and solution procedures will not be shown explicitly. You should be familiar with the dynamic mesh model and UDFs. Refer to the FLUENT 6.3 User's Guide and the FLUENT UDF Manual for more information.

Problem Description
A vane pump consists of a rotor with radial slots positioned off-center in a housing bore. A generic vane pump geometry is shown in Figure , where the rotor and housing are both circular. Vanes that t closely in rotor slots slide in and out as the rotor turns. Pumping action is caused by the expanding and contracting volumes contained by the rotor, vanes and housing.

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